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GM Card Top Off Offer Incentive Program

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GM Card Member Top off or Plus it up offer at Copple Chevy GMC!

gm credit card
Just Announced!  Great news for you Chevy and GMC buyers that have a GM Card. Many of you have been selected to receive a mail piece that offers a special GM Card Bonus Earnings "Top-Off" or "Plus Up" Offer good towards the purchase or lease of an eligible brand new Chevy vehicle or brand new GMC vehicle during this time period.

GM Credit Card Members may receive up to $2,000 or $3,000 in "Topped-Off" Earnings based on how many points you currently have on your credit card.  This special rebate may then be used towards your new Chevy of GMC vehicles at Copple Chevrolet GMC.

The best thing about this program is that it is works with all of the other available offers from GM or Ally!

Look in the mail for your mailer showing how much money you qualify for off your new Chevrolet or GMC purchase, or you can call 866-662-1644 and find out today.  For frequently asked questions about the program, read the FAQ's below.

Frequently Asked Questions about the GM Card "Top Off"  or Plus Up Program:

1)  Are all GM Cardmembers eligible for the GM Card Bonus Earnings offer?

No, not all GM Card members are eligible to receive the offer. Only GM Card members that receive the January mailing and provide a unique GM Card Bonus Earnings Code qualify for the Top off offer.

2)  Are the GM Card Bonus Earnings top off offer transferable to someone else?

No, only the targeted members who were mailed the top off offer with a unique GM Card Bonus Earnings Code will be eligible to redeem the top off offer.

3)  Are GM Card Bonus Earnings available on more than one Chevy or GMC new vehicle purchase?

No, GM Credit Card members can redeem their GM Card Bonus Earnings Top off towards only one new vehicle per offer.

4)  If a GM Credit Card member has more questions about the GM Card Bonus Earnings top off offer, or have lost their GM Card Bonus Earnings Code, where can I get more information or find my lost code?

GM Credit Card members can call 1-800-947-1000 or click here.

5)  Can the GM Card Bonus Earnings offer be extended beyond the program dates set by GM Card?

No, the GM Card member can redeem the earnings between the dates stated on the offer. 

6)  Can the GM Card Bonus Earnings be used with the GM Employee or GM Supplier Discounts?

No, as with all GM Card earnings, may not be used with GM Employee Purchase or GM Supplier discount program .

7) This offer is compatible with such programs that are currently going on such as the owner loyalty program and the Trade In Assistance program.


There are several different cards available from GM Card that you may have.  Please call Copple Chevrolet GMC at 888-806-2330 or click here to contact us
and we can tell you exactly what you can redeem at Copple Chevrolet GMC.
Copple Chevrolet GMC proudly serves these areas for the GM Card Top Off Offer:
Omaha, NE
Lincoln, NE
Papillion, NE
Gretna, NE
Plattsmouth, NE